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What are the advantages of precision casting?

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1. Casting has high dimensional accuracy, general linear tolerance is 1%, and Angle tolerance is ±1/2 degree. The surface is smooth and clean

The degree can reach Ra 1.6 -- 3.2, saving material and machining costs.

2, can produce the shape of complex parts, or a number of parts cast into one, eliminating the combination or welding work.

3, can be cast on the surface of the product beautiful text or LOGO design, improve the image of the product.

4. Casting materials have a wide range of properties, including heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and material hardness up to hrc15-60.

To meet the needs of various operating conditions.

5, casting production batch. Flexible quantity, from small to large production, high efficiency, good repeatability;

Mould cost is low, the initial investment of product development is little.

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