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Surface cleaning of stainless steel precision casting products

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Generally for a variety of methods, there are dry and wet methods, dry cleaning is the use of shot blasting machine cleaning, wet cleaning methods are more electro-hydraulic sand removal, hydraulic sand removal, water sand removal.

1. Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning includes friction cleaning and shot blasting and peening cleaning. The main reason is that the friction cleaning efficiency is low and the effect is poor.The so-called dry cleaning method generally refers to shot blasting, shot peening cleaning.Shot peening is a process in which compressed air is used as a power to spray the steel shot into the workpiece surface at a faster speed to remove debris from the casting.Shot peening is flexible and an effective supplement to shot blasting. Shot blasting is the use of shot blasting machine to spray steel shot to clean the surface impurities of casting.

2. Wet cleaning

Electro-hydraulic sand cleaning is to clean the shell under the action of electrical pressure, its basic principle is the electro-hydraulic impact effect, the use of high pressure pulse gas discharge through the special electrode in the water, producing a large liquid power.Because the sundries on the surface of precision casting are different from the vibration frequency of the metal, the purpose of sand cleaning is obtained.

Hydraulic sand cleaning is a method of sand cleaning by means of high-pressure water input by high-pressure water pump, forming a high-pressure jet through the nozzle of the spray gun, and shooting to the molding sand and sand core on the surface of the casting.

Water sand cleaning is to lift the sand-bearing precision casting products with a certain temperature into the pool, and the water into the hot sand mold and sand core will be heated and vaporized. With the evaporation and steam of water being heated continuously, the pressure will continue to increase, and the sand mold and sand core will "collapse" and fall off from the surface and inner cavity of the casting, so as to achieve the purpose of sand cleaning.

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